General Health, Motion Therapy, Erectile Dysfunction, Exercise, Prevention and Treatment, We identify theposture injuries, motor and joint injuries and amend them by evaluating and examining the people, and through offering movement therapy programs amend and cure the injuries.

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Diagnosis of occupational ,growth period and middle age injuries

Correction and Treatment

Posture correction by corrective movements and exercises


Training of experts in the field of health and proper body shape


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According to researches, 80% of people in developed societies have posture dysfunction. This high volume of abnormalities caused by environmental stimuli is mostly reversible or modifiable. Therefore, this company provides relevant services with the aim of preventing and eliminating these anomalies in two stages of identification (evaluation) and correction (disruption), and implementing the app for this project will help globalizing it.

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Our company will help develop public health at the community level by assessing and recognizing injuries caused by machine life and treat and repair injuries, while reducing the treatment costs for the individuals, companies and governments. The application of this project will help the globalization of this plan.


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